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Hi everyone I‘m Annemarie, a final semester Bachelor of Commerce student ,  big foodie and offcourse a learning cook (a hobby that I have now realised, I absolutely enjoy and love doing !).  I was born in the capital of India and moved to Australia 13 years later. This move has exposed me to so many different cultures, cuisines and people and has made me appreciate my own culture and  cuisine a lot.

To study Commerce in University was always my goal and is still my focus, I’ve always been interested and  enjoy studying HRM and especially Marketing.  I’m excited to finish! but lets see where life takes me and what the world has to offer.

I developed an interest in cooking however, in my year 10 food class which was an elective. I would make something in school and what tasted good , I would make again at home for the family. That’s where I learnt to make ” my special” (what my whole family calls it teasing me) lemon tarts, from then its been a regular dessert at our home and since then I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen. Coming from a country that has soooo…. many different cuisines and being introduced to many more diverse cuisines here in Australia, is what influences my cooking style. Along with offcourse my mama (who lives & loves to cook and feed others, she practically lives in the kitchen) and dad (who calls himself an exotic chef) which he is because he only cooks exotic dishes. I’ve been watching  and learning from them since I  can’t remember when….. all those little  tips that make life so much easier.

 One day when I couldn’t find my Chilli Chicken recipe from my long list of favorites menu, that’s when I realized I needed to organise my recipes, and started doing so by writing them down, what I had tried and tasted, grouping them etc. This coincidentally happened when I started my Internet Marketing unit, for which I was required to start a blog. So I combined both my worlds, marketing and  food, and created More Than A Pinch Of Salt.

   Hope you like what you see and  Enjoy what I share 🙂



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