creating Job Traffic around the Globe

Traffic Monitoring of Blogpost 4b

j is an Australian owned employment site that enables people to find jobs and companies to find the right candidates. It facilitates the ‘matching and communication of job opportunities’ (About, 2014). The site now has a global presence, operating in twelve countries including Australia, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Mexico, West Africa, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

According to analytics:

The Seek website has a Global rank of 2,296

Australia rank is 29

Visitor Geography

  • Greatest percentage of visitors are from Australia, at 80.1%
  • Followed by India at 4.1%, Seek’s ranking in India is 6,843
  • 2.3% visitors are from the United states, where the site is ranked 28,386
  • New Zealand has low 1.8% visitors to the site; it is ranked 215 in the country.
  • Brazil has the lowest percentage of visitors at 1.7%, Seeks ranking there is 7,242.

Top keywords that drive traffic to the site, as ranked by are shown below in figure A:

Figure A



I cross checked these keywords on the html page source of the website, following are the keywords that appeared

1.  seek







3.  jobs





The ‘jobs in australia’ keyword failed to find any matches in the html of the website.


Seek 2014, About Seek, viewed 25th September 2014,

Alexa 2014, Site overview, viewed 25th September 2014,


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